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About Us

Recent financial uncertainties and disruptions have made it difficult for some businesses to continue operations, and it may be necessary to find solutions to rescue and recover value from struggling operations. This is where Silk Advisory can help you. Our restructuring and insolvency experts offer decades of experience navigating the complexities that face distressed companies. We provide a range of services, including debt restructuring and refinancing, distressed assets advice, stakeholders, out-of-court restructurings, and rehabilitation planning and plan implementation. Our goal is to create a strategy to revive or recover value for your business. Our multi-national team provides clients with an international perspective of insolvency matters in Thailand. Our approach is to fully explore your issues and offer you a tailored solution to your situation. We employ global best practices to provide you the best tools to retain and renew value. We can help you to cope with financially distressed situations, and you can always contact us for confidential advice. Our first consultation is free. We are approachable and can generally find solutions for your business and provide advice to protect the value of your operations.

Why choose Silk Advisory?

We understand Thailand

Silk Advisory is a professional team who has conducted business in Thailand over the course of decades and are familiar with the intricacies of the Thai market and the regulations surrounding it. Along with our understanding of international best practices, the team is equipped to provide you advice on the financial matters that concern you the most.

We are highly experienced

With decades of experience resolving corporate and insolvency matters, Silk Advisory’s experts have spearheaded and arranged settlements for multi-national creditors, debtors, and corporations in various industries.

We collaborate with the right people

Regardless of the task, we have the right people to get the job done. Our network consists of legal practitioners, financial analysts, and business executives who have deep roots in the community, and a passion to see your business succeed.

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