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Rehabilitation is not bankruptcy.

Rehabilitation is court-approved protection to provide you with time to renegotiate your obligations and make them more manageable. Options include a moratorium on court cases, longer repayment periods or a grace period on existing debts, reduction on the amount owed to your creditors as well as the elimination of unwarranted future obligations.

A lot of otherwise profitable companies can find themselves needing short- and long-term relief because of unplanned and unforeseeable events and even just bad luck. Some of the largest companies in the world have sought creditor protection and used the rehabilitation process to come back stronger and retake market-leading positions.

A key requirement of the Thai rehabilitation scheme is to partner, in a court supervised process, with your creditors and to work together to emerge stronger. In Thailand, a creditor, or a group of creditors with over 2 million baht in debt can force a company into bankruptcy and liquidation, destroying an owner’s hard work in an instant. Rehabilitation can help to protect you from being forced to close without notice and quickly sell off all you own at auction. Rehabilitation will allow you time to negotiate and restructure debt, implement cost-saving measures, and emerge a stronger and better company.

At Silk Advisory we want to remove the taboo around the bankruptcy process and help you explore all of your legal options. If your company is struggling to meet its obligations and needs time to breathe, Silk Advisory can work with you. Our team of turnaround specialists have direct experience in advising some of the largest (and smallest) companies in Thailand leading to many successful turnarounds. Click here to read more about our success stories.

Practice Areas

Insolvency & Liquidations

We are a licensed bankruptcy Plan Preparer and Plan administrator. We can assist debtors, creditors and other stakeholders navigate complex restructuring, negotiations, and out-of-court settlement.

Contingency Planning

We work with you and design comprehensive solutions that reduce your risks across borders, industries, and processes.

Distressed M&A

We represent debtors and potential acquirers in asset sales and transactions across all types of industries.

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